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Speed Bumps and Speed Humps

Speed bumps are traffic calming features incorporated into driveway and parking lot surfaces. They are generally constructed at a height of three to four inches and a depth (front to back) of about one foot. Speed bumps provide a sharp jolt to vehicles moving at higher speeds and are generally used to slow down vehicle speeds which are already below 25 MPH. Speed bumps can be created as an integral feature of the driving surface. A concrete speed bump would normally be created as part of a concrete pour, either during installation of a concrete surface or as a “cut and replace” installation. An asphalt speed bump can be installed either as part of an asphalt project or added to the top of an existing asphalt surface. There are many types of pre-manufactured speed bumps which are suitable for installation on existing surfaces. They are usually constructed from resins (plastics) and can be either permanently or temporarily installed. Pre-manufactured speed bumps generally need replacement sooner than more permanent installations.

Speed bumps may pose a hazard to bicycles and motorcycles. On a surface regularly used by pedestrians they may pose a hazard to people with ambulatory disabilities and may make passage by a wheelchair difficult or impossible. Speed bumps may also cause problems for vehicles with low ground clearance. For these reasons, careful selection, design and installation are important. Speed bumps almost always have some highly visible safety markings.

Another type of traffic calming feature is a speed hump, which is usually installed in a street or roadway. It is different from a speed bump because it is usually deeper (larger from front to back), typically 10 feet or more, and extends the full width of the driving surface. The actual design of a speed hump is dictated by the traffic calming needs for the particular location. Since the vehicle speeds are typically higher in these applications, surface markings and warning signage is important.

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